Advisor Directed

“Advisor Directed” is Flynn Financials’ turnkey, full-service portfolio solution. Your advisor will work with you to create your own personalized investment portfolio. Financial objectives, goals, and risk tolerance are carefully assessed. This information then provides a solid foundation going forward with respect to designing, building, and maintaining your investment portfolio over time. With Advisor Directed, your advisor will be given primary discretion to work on your behalf. This discretion is limited to such matters as rebalancing portfolios, selecting appropriate investments, and placing orders to buy or sell securities for you.

With Advisor Directed, we do not take a one size fits all approach; rather we customize your portfolio to address your individual circumstances. We take into consideration important factors such as tax sensitivity, liquidity needs, and income distribution requirements to name a few. Goals like having a worry free retirement, or putting a child through college, need professional advice to create an effective plan.

Our Advisor Directed portfolios are designed to diversify your investments with respect to both asset class and investment approach. We employ proprietary techniques as well as classic valuation methods to uncover securities and that we feel meet our strict investment criteria. Some attributes we search for are attractive security valuations, investment timeliness, and above average return expectations for various asset classes looking out over the forthcoming five year period.

Advisor Supported

“Advisor Supported” is Flynn Financials’ solution to those investors that would like to maintain control over investment related matters regarding their portfolio but also recognize the value that an experienced financial advisor may provide. Goals like having a worry free retirement, or putting a child through college, need professional advice to create an effective plan.

Working together with your advisor, clients will have the ability to implement their investment plan based on their own input along with that of their advisor. Client ’s advisor can assist them in items such as researching investments, making changes to their portfolio, and monitoring their portfolio on an ongoing basis. If you desire, your advisor is willing to bring to the table their own base of knowledge and experience to offer investment recommendations that may be a fit for you as well. Our advisors are experienced in various areas that may have a positive impact on your portfolio other than just the selection of sound investments. Items such as managing portfolio volatility, controlling liquidity needs, processing retirement distributions, and staying current involving tax matters are also important in servicing an investment portfolio successfully over time.

Separately Managed Accounts

When deemed to be in the client’s best interest, Flynn Financial, may recommend that clients consider utilizing a third party money manager that specializes in a particular investment strategy.

For clients that could benefit from third party money managers, we engage with Envestnet, a leading provider of integrated portfolio, practice management, and reporting solutions for financial advisors and institutions. Information about Envestnet, including their disclosure documents, can be found at this link on the Investment Advisor Public Disclosure website, ENVESTNET PMC Investment Adviser Firm (

Educational Funding Accounts

Advisory Services are offered to those seeking to save for the future educational needs of their family or close loved ones such as children and/or grandchildren, nieces, or nephews. We can work with you to create a detailed needs analysis based on your educational savings goals and your ability to set aside funds for the future.